Thursday, January 5, 2012

.Grasshopper Spit Dressing + Salad.

This salad was one of the most simple and delicious {and fresh!} salads we've had in a long time. The dressing was too die for good, and made use of one of my newest and most favorite items in my pantry.....Bragg's Soy Liquid Seasoning! A healthier version of soy sauce {tip: for you can purchase it from Superstore in the organic aisle}, and it makes EVERY salad dressing I've put it in taste that much fresher. 
And after all the indulgent food we've had over the past month, it's a welcomed change.
Grasshopper Spit Salad
{I can take zero credit for this tasty salad. 
I found "Trevor's Salad" at Crowley Party and just had to share it! Thanks Alycia!}
Here's my adapted version.
Salad of your choice
Veggies of your choice {below is what I used}
Carrots, cut up
Celery, cut up
Red Onion, cut up
Avocado, mashed or cut up
Steak, cut into thin slices {optional. Could also add shrimp or chicken}
{fyi: my salad above was made sans steak, but next time I will be trying it with it!}
Grasshopper spit dressing, recipe below
1. Cook your steak to how you like it done {I would go for medium}. Do all your regular seasonings for flavor, I like the steak rub from. OR you can use leftover steak from your dinner the night before and just make sure to reheat it. You could also try shrimp skewers or chicken too.
2. Add everything else and toss it together.
3. Finish it up with a toss of the Grasshopper spit dressing, and voila!
Grasshopper Spit Dressing
1 part Red Wine Vinegar
1 part Soy Sauce or Bragg's Liquid Aminos (sooo delicious! I totally recommend this product}
1 part Honey or Sugar
1 part Extra Virgin Olive Oil {this step is optional}
1. Mix them all together and pour over your salad. 


  1. Yummo! I especially love adding new dressing to our current selection. Salads are the 'go to' lunch of choice, I too was indulgent over the holiday!

  2. @Tanya Frost: You will love this dressing. It's super healthy and tastes so fresh. It's a nice change to throw in the 'dressing mix' department. I have been munching on salads the last week for lunch too!

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