Tuesday, January 31, 2012

.Comments and Following.

This post is stemming from a couple requests I've had recently.
So, if you already comment, THANK YOU! And if you already follow me, THANK YOU! You can just skip right over this post; but if you don't, I hope this post helps and was exactly what you where asking for, although it may be a little boring.
.How to Follow & How to Comment on a Blog.
Not to tease anyone in particular, but I was originally going to title this post "How to Comment on Erinn's Blog, for Dummies", but I figured that might not go over as well, since you can't see the smile on my face as I write it. That happens a lot. I think I'm being completely witty, then come across as sounding like a solid b*$#&, but I digress.....
So, Why Follow? Why Comment?
Following a blog is very special for the blog author. It helps support the author and encourages more creative posts, more frequently. For me, it's a way to know that you are enjoying what I am writing about. It encourages me to push my boundaries, and source out new creative ideas. It also makes me feel that I am not talking to myself all the time! So please, send those comments my way!!
Following blogs can also help the author gain monetary payments {yes, I know I am touching on dangerous ground here, but still, it's the truth}. Blogging takes a lot of time and energy, and although most do it for the love of blogging {which is entirely MY case} it can take as many hours as a full-time job. I don't want to get into how many hours I've spent on my own blog alone! Weekends dedicated to blogging! Having more followers encourages companies to advertise on a blog, which inturn, pays for all the hard work put into it. Now, I'm not saying this is why having more followers rock, but who wouldn't love a little free goodies every now and again?
One other reason to Follow and Comment? It helps to build new relationships. Simple as that. The more blogs you follow and the more comments you leave, the more friends you make. Truly. I really feel that I have made some super cool new friends with my little blog here. From regulars leaving comments {which I love so much}, to even myself searching out and following different blogs. It's amazing the touch you can have. So I follow and I comment. And why wouldn't I want to support a friend.
Okay so enough of me jibber-jabbing. Here's how to actually do it. 
How to Follow a Blog:
one] On the right hand side of my blog, under the Follow Me section, click the button called Join this Site. two] This will redirect you to a pop-up screen. Then click on Create a New Google Account
three] Now, type in YOUR CURRENT email address {ex. erinn@hotmail.com, erinn@yahoo.com}. Just fill in whatever you use. Then choose a password. Then type in your birthday. And then type in the word verification. The click on the I Accept. Create my Account.
four] Sometimes this step is optional, if not following this: Now you will just need to verify your account. It's easiest to just send a text message to your cell phone. To do this you just type in your phone number. Click on Send Verification Code. This will send a numbered code to your cell phone. Type that code in and the click verify. Then your Done!
Now you are officially following the Fancy Napkin!
 How to Comment on a Blog {the simplest way}:
one] At the bottom of a post click on the word Comment {it may have a # in front of it}.
two] Now type in your comment in the big blank box. Then under the Comment As, use the pull down menu and pick the Name/URL. Type in your Name {keep in mind this will show up on the post}. Leave the URL part blank. Then click Continue.
three] Now all you have to do is click Publish and your comment will appear!

Hope this helps. Now leave me those comments people!


  1. Great! Thanks for the explanation! I thought I was doing it right, but wasn't sure. This verified that I am officially NOT a dummy!!!

  2. Well said! And on that same note thank you for following my blog and I am also following yours:)


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