Saturday, January 14, 2012

.say hi: kelsey ostrom.

Welcome to my 1st installment of '.say hi.'
A feature where you get the opportunity to meet some pretty wonderful people in my life.
And coincidentally this month I'm actually featuring someone very special to my heart..... please say hello to my Sister!
{january} .kelsey.OSTROM.
.she's pretty sweet.
.and super awesome.
.and she's born in June, which makes her a gemini.
.kelsey loves horses, and reading books. she's kinda a book nerd actually.
.she plants a garden every spring for fresh veggies. and weeds it (which I don't).
.she's hip and stylish and is soooo very pretty.
.i don't know of anyone who doesn't love Kelsey. she's a magnet.
.she's way too nice, and way too smart for her own good.
.she loves cats, and has two of them; both of which are spoiled rotten.
.she also once owned a chameleon. and dogs. and fish. and hamsters. and horses. and.....actually she just kinda loves all animals.
.i call her kelly or kelso or doodsie or baby sister {but that last one is just for me}.
.she's been a brunette, a blonde and even dabbled in a little red. and looks amazing in each {and as the saying goes, "don't hate her because she's beautiful"}.
.she's my baby sister. and she's darn awesome. xx

1} If you where an animal what would you be?
"I'd be a Unicorn.....a cross between a horse and a mythical creature, which sounds really cool"
2} Thing you are most proud of? Go ahead and brag a little.....
"Winning anything at cattle-penning is always pretty sweet"
3} One thing that creeps you out?
"Chubby fingers. Just plain gross."
4} Currently on your mind?
"Saving to buy a house"
5}What is Eskimo Pie?
"I have no idea.....maybe pie served cold?"
6} How would you explain sex to an 8 year old?
"It's when you take your pee pee and put it in a hoo hoo.....wait, Erinn, why would I be explaining sex to an 8 year old. That's not right"
7} I heart.....
" boyfriend."
8} Can't stop watching.....
9} Who would be your relationship freebie? {meaning you could have sex with one person while dating your boyfriend}
"Zac Efron. I love him. Or the Olsen twins"
10} Favorite Restaurant?
"Probably River House Grill in St. Albert"
11} Best part of a sandwich?
"Can't decide between cheese or pickles"
12} Lusting after....
"...the perfect knee-high boot that fits"
13} Favorite drink of choice?
"Rum and Coke with a bit of lime"
14} Surprising fact about yourself?
"My ears are really lopsided. My pinkies too. They're really screwed up"
15} Where's your next vacation spot?
"My dream is Greece or Italy, my reality is probably Jasper"


  1. What a great idea! And it's nice to learn about your sis, I've only met her perhaps the number of fingers on my hand.


  2. TESS COSSEYJanuary 15, 2012


    1. This was great!!! Even I learned a few new things about my STUNNING COUSIN.!! Those pics are straight out of a magazine. Beautiful and talented photography of a beautiful and talented girl!!! My fave is the car mirror pics!!
      lindz xoxox

  3. What a great idea! Kelsey you look great!

  4. Kels and Erinn I love it!! Even I learned something new about you Kels. Pictures are beautiful of course and Erinn you really captured all her beauty, in and out!! My fav is the car mirror pics:)
    love always linds


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