Monday, January 16, 2012


I just have to touch on the Golden Globes last night; It has to be done.
Myself, along with probably every other blog post today, wanted to share my opinion on who were the winners last night in style.
Not that my opinion matters any, but I personally thought there was some stunners out there. Especially the few I'm going to list below.
So to begin, I thought I should mention who got my absolute top honours of the night.
Miss Emma Stone.
That girl is always spot on. If I had the money, looks and figure as our girl, Emma, this is how I would do it. She just gets it. 
Lanvin dress. Yowzers.
The hair. The eyes. The Belt. That dress.
Among some other drool worthy celebs.
Miss Mila Kunis.
Now here is another girl that just does it time and time again. Being the new face of Dior, she also donned a dress by the designer. Bravo Mila. Stunning.
Dior dress.
I also loved Claire Danes. Classic and Edgy. She always sports clean lines with a touch of 'something', just gorgeous. As usual. Again, something I would totally wear.
J. Mendel dress.
Also a shout out to new "it" girl, Rooney Mara. She looked edgy and chic, with a hint of softness that suited her personality to a tee. However, I didn't love the hair. And I could have done without the bump on the butt, but hey, that's just me. Over all, Well done Miss Mara. You stood out like a true pro.
In Nina Ricci
Honorable mentions to Reese, Salma and Kate. As usual, you ladies are just something else. 
And I was loving the long, wavy, beachy locks ladies. 
Reese: Zac Posen gown. Selma: Gucci gown.
Loved the belt and the clutch. LOVE. Dress by Jenny Packham.
And last but not least, I also thought Laura Dern looked lovely in this green sparkler {totally loving the emerald and deep V cut on this gown}.
Lovely, Simply Lovely.
Andrew GN dress.


  1. Is it weird that I'd like to be best friends with Emma Stone? Love her.

    1. Not weird at all. I have dreams that we hang out and have pillow fights together, so ummmm yeah........ I totally get it.

  2. My fav is actually Kate Winslet´s, so classy! Thanks for stopping by my blog dear! Following you now, I´d be super happy if you could visit my blog and follow me too :)


  3. Claire Danes is just a goddess in my eyes, love love love the back of the dress especially.


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