Tuesday, January 17, 2012


If I lived in Cali, this is the girl who would be doing my make-up.
Miss Mel. Isn't she a beauty?
.her name. Melissa Beck.
I would beg her to come over to my house each morning and get her to make me up all fancy like.
And she also does hair. So she would have to do that too. EACH MORNING.
So I suggest that if you live near the LA area you should look her up {here} and she will make you look all purrrdy. She even does movies. Just saying.
Look at her work......
Photography By: John Schnack
Makeup & Hair: Melissa Beck Mua
Photographer: Casey Fyfe
MUA: Melissa Beck
Photography By: John Schnack
Makeup & Hair: Melissa Beck Mua
And I'm so lucky that I get to call her one of my good friends.
Melly. You rock my dear.
{I so wish we lived closer to each other.}
ps. you should "Join her Friend Network" on facebook too!


  1. Erinn!!! You're so amazing!!! Thank you so much for this! You really know how to make me tear up a little...no ones advertised me out to the world like you have, and it means the world to me that you have! I wish we live closer to each other...we can't keep living this way!!! I love you so much Erinn, and I miss you more everyday!

  2. Those are cute bracelets. I would wear some of the styles in different materials, like bone.


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