Sunday, March 20, 2011

.Book Club.

My newest blog idea.
I know this has been done, probably a million times before my attempt here, but I would like to start a Book Club.
Whatcha think? Good Idea?
Is this even something that would interest you fellow book lovers?

I was thinking it would be a monthly book club (too much time to read a novel? Not enough?) and we can converse weekly (perhaps every Monday night, which is usually a slow night) on what we're thinking and how we're feeling of our current novel of choice. That's how these things work right?? 
Keep in mind: This is a first for me, so it may be a bit of a process. But a FUN PROCESS!

I also want to list our Book Club Members, so please leave your name in the 'comment' section below (or let me know via phone, text, or email). It'll make it fun to see who's participating. 
And 'Don't worry, I won't call on you to make a speech in front of the whole class'.

I will choose the first novel and then if this is working as I hope (you know, being interactive and not just me blabbering on and on.......) then I can take suggestions and choose something that YOU recommend. See what fun we'll have!

So let me know what you think of this. We'll try it for a month or two and go from there......And I really do want this to be interactive. So please leave your comments at the bottom of our Book Club posts.

So without Further Ado. The First Novel for our Book Club.
Water for Elephants. 
by Sara Gruen
.Purchase here, or at your local Bookstore.
 (and yes, I know I may be a bit behind on the times, as I am just getting to this novel now (it's been out for a while and is now turning into a movie starring Reese Witherspoon + Robert Pattinson). And yes, some of you who will actually want to participate will have already read it, but be patient with's a work in progress. And if you have any suggestions for the next round, send them my way!!!) 
A few things to Note about this picture: 
1) My Cozy Slippers
2) That delicious ceasar on the coffee table (it should be mandatory that you do all reading with a yummy tea, etc, etc).
3) The clump of Bella's fur on my table after she got a good brushing.
4) My 'intense concentration' face. And how upset it makes me look. Why must it look like that?
5) Those magnificent sweatpants. And what it's doing to my body. Ugh. Note to self: throw those away.
6) My spoilt dog, who is almost as big as me.

Book Club Members:
Erinn T (that's me)
Kelsey O
Terri S
Brandi A
Morgan R

Instructions for leaving comments:
1) Scroll down to the bottom of the post. Click on the 'Comments'. Type your comments and feedback in the box. Click on the little drop down menu bar and choose Name/URL (this is easiest). Type in your Name. Click on 'Post Comment'. Done.


  1. I started reading this book recently, it is quite good! Enjoy!


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