Friday, March 25, 2011

.Date Night: Staying In Edition.

So by the title of this post, I'm assuming you know that's it's date night for the hubby and I. And you can probably guess what we're planning on doing. 
You know, being the crazy, wild couple that we are, we've decided to stay in. 
But this will be staying in 'Date Night Style'.
Be lazy, snuggle, watch some movies, save some moolah, hang out with the dog, give some massages, and smooch the night away.
Ohh and we also made some home-made sushi.
Now, I have to mention that I don't really love sushi, but the hubby does, and I thought it would be fun to make it together. So we did. And it was totally fun.
Ohh and for dessert, how about some Pralines & Cream Haagen-Dazs ice cream?
Sounds like a pretty nice evening if you ask me.
So because this was a first for us, I took some pictures (check out my karate chop!) and hope it inspires you to try it out sometime (the sushi - not the chop).
.Our Sushi attempt.
There's really no rules on what you put in your sushi, but we used: Sushi rice, seaweed papers (also called nori), canned tuna (mixed with hot sauce and a little mayo), smoked salmon, cucumbers, carrots (purple and orange), mango, avocado, and toasted sesame seeds. Also good to have sushi soy sauce, pickled ginger, and wasabi.
1) Cut your ingredients super thin (we used cucumbers, carrots, mango, avocado).
2) Cook your sushi rice according to the bag directions.
3) Prepare your 'tools' (which are just saran wrap, bamboo rolling mat (I got mine for $2 at Safeway), sharp knife, small bowl of water for dipping your fingers into)
4) Lay your bamboo mat out and place saran wrap on top of it (this is so your ingredients doesn't stick to the bamboo). Place your seaweed paper on top of that. Next cover with cooked rice (only a thin layer). Then add your ingredients, and this is where you can get creative.
5) Tightly roll up wrap (leaving a small edge at one end to seal the wrap) and seal with a small dab of water on your fingers along the exposed edge.
Check out Pete's mad technique! And his black finger!
6) Slice with a clean, wet, sharp knife. Make sure to clean the knife between cuts.
 See My Attempt.
7) Admire and Enjoy!!
(These below are the remnants after we chowed down. They aren't as pretty, but you get the idea.)
Us. Lovers. Being Cozy.
ps. Tomorrow I am SUPER excited for this photography class that my friend Maegen and I signed up for.  I may finally be able to learn how to take a half decent picture with my new toy! Stay tuned to see what I come up with and a recap on how the days goes.


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