Wednesday, March 9, 2011

.Hair NOT.

Hi Friends.
This mop of hair on my head is having a rough day today. or rather... a hard week. {maybe even a month}
I'm in NEED people.
What on earth should I do...
some bangs? some color? some layers?...
some something to help my long, split-ended strands out.
I'm still trying to grow it out {extremely} long {but not that sicko, weird braided lady long - you know what I'm talking about?} However, it's in this phase where is just hangs there. So what to do? 
What is going to bring my sad little tresses back to life?
any ideas?
Do I do these bangs?
All pictures found on pinterest.
Or go for the Ombre Look?
Keep my Natural look?
Maybe go a bit blonder for spring?

Or do I go Brunette (well, this may be more Ombre)?
Ohh and I'm going tomorrow at noon to take care of my issues......cross your fingers it turns out!

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