Friday, March 11, 2011

.Hair YES.

So this is the NEW do.
Ya like it??
Ya, me too. And I'm also really liking my model pose's. And the toilet paper roll in the background! Enjoy!
Now, I know I haven't strayed far from my comfort zone here, but the hubby loves his wife very blonde (and I don't mean the ditzy "So, Like umm....." type, but the white, golden, sun-streaked blonde type) and after practically begging me on his hands and knees (maybe a little of an exaggeration, but still....) to keep it that way, I decided to be a good wife and go with the au-natural (or au-natural with very light streaks) that he was asking for. Your welcome hubby.
Also I was trying out a new stylist (who, by the way, is a pretty cute (and straight) male named Roddie -Yum, Yum.) and was giving him a little test run. Meaning I couldn't go to crazy this time around.
In the end, these are the results:
And I'm pretty darn happy.
I'm loving the color. Ash-blonde. Just what I was wanting.
And the cut is pretty fabulous, although still long, the layers give it a fresh lift. 
I got lotsa volume now Baby!
And because I'm sure some of you are wondering where the big difference is (I know it's subtle, but it's there), I took a before shot to compare. See the difference?

OLD HAIR = Split-ends and Roots. Yuck.

NEW HAIR = Fresh, No roots + No split-ends. Happy.
Not the way, I normally style it, but I can see good things coming from it.
We'll call this is my 'New Job' hair.
Because I start on Monday.....ekk...

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