Thursday, March 24, 2011

.diy: dry erase board.

Check out what I made today.
In like 10 minutes flat.
My very own Dry Erase Board. Seriously easy, and kinda cute if you ask me.
So this is how it happened: As most of you know, I am in the final steps of completing my special room and am really just looking for those odds n' ends that will complete it and make it not only beautiful but useful too.
 So with that in mind, I seriously needed something to jot down ideas and reminders. Easy right? Well,  here's the problem, do you know how hard it is to find that specific item that you have floating in your head?!? Well, let me be the first to inform you it is very, Very HARD. Cue sad Erinn face. I searched everywhere, and all I kept finding where those boring, old-school white boards (I am apologizing in advance to anyone who may have one or two lying around). sheer coincidence, I came across a very similar craft board on pinterest (I personally take no creative claim on this idea. 100% adapted from another crafter) and thought PERFECTO - I can make this!
And the best part is, I even had a large, white empty Ikea frame left over from a previous picture sizing screwup!
It was so meant to be.
Here's how I did it:
1) Get your Supplies: Picture Frame + Material of choice + Scissors
 2) Lay your fabric out flat (make sure there's no folds) and place the back of the picture frame on it.
 3) Cut your fabric 1-inch bigger (all the way around) than the backing of the picture frame. Like so.
4) Place the fabric (with your pattern facing the glass) in the picture frame.
5) Place your picture frame backing on top of the fabric. Attach any clasps to hold everything together.
(Ikea frames have these great pull down tabs that made this easy peasy.)
6)Flip over and Viola!
 It's so easy, I can't believe that I just blogged about it. Must be a slow thursday.
 Have some fun and leave cutesy messages for someone.
Hope you found this useful!


  1. LOVE! Once I get my office reno'd I may do this!


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