Friday, March 4, 2011

.My Creative Space.

I know, I know. This is a few days late.
Forgive me please. It just wasn't quite ready. The Hubby has been working mad overtime, and to be honest, I'm was just tired of using the screwdriver, paint brush, and heavy lifting all by my lonesome (yes, I know I'm making excuses) BUT......
Here. It. Is!
And I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of the pictures....the Nikon is on the list.
Still a bit of work to go, but all-in-all looking pretty darn fantastic (but I'm biased AND exhausted AND a little tipsy (thank you wine goblet), not really the best combo for an opinion). 
So, what do ya think?
I painted the walls a (what we thought would be) Mid-toned Grey. I always lean towards dark colors, and really wanted this space light and airy, however upon paint drying, it was more of a blue-grey tone. Not exactly what I was thinking, but it's staying. 

Then I went for all white furniture. NOT me at all, but like above, I wanted light and airy, and to be honest didn't want to spend a ton of money, so thank heavens for Ikea and all the white furniture being cheaper than the rest. Weird? Yes. Am I Happy about it? BIG YES. 
I bought the desk, 2 small bookcases, and re-furnished the big bookcase of Pete's during his high school days (yes, it's that old!) with new glass doors. Cleaned it right up.
And I think it looks just darn cute.
Took apart my old desk (just by re-moving the top piece) for a place to do some serious sewing. I'll call this the Sewing Area. Really original hey? However, this is also where I'm keeping a bunch of my craft supplies located in those cute little white boxes. Nice and clean. Out of sight. Perfectly labelled. Still deciding if I should paint the sucker white or not.......
Then I found places for the million picture frames that I had lying around. I seem to have a disease when it comes to buying picture frames. I can't stop. Just ask the Husband. And then be prepared for an earful.
Now, I need some pictures for them (notice that there aren't any framed yet?)......Any photographers wanting to shoot a fun loving couple??? Pretty Please?
FYI: I'm going to put out some of my favourite pictures of friends and family (not JUST Peter and I), and also some very inspiring pics that mean a lot to me. Like my Grandpa Norm. I miss you big guy.
The 2 lamps and mini reading table came from Homesense. And I'm loving them. The old-school rocking chair is vintage c/o my beautiful Grandma M. She's in Phoenix right now, and cannot believe I still have the 'old thing'. That was a quote. I absolutely love the old thing.
Next I made the hubby hang all the shelves that I got at Ikea. This will store more of those picture frames, and odds-n'-ends. Also some inspiring quotes to go along with the inspiring people.
A Favorite: "Choose your Battles". Should be our household quote.
{Pictures to come}
After that....and this part will be coming very soon. My Photo Wall (see I have a serious problem). It will be placed above the chair and lamp (you can even see the frames stacked ready to get hung). I think it'll be heavenly. All black frames with white mats. Various shapes and sizes. Gorgeous. Or it will be.

Also have to get some blinds for that window. I hate to close up the little natural light this room gets, but it'll bring a little personality to the room which it could use, and I also have a mild obsession with fabrics so it has to be done. Also still have to buy a new computer chair, a chair for a guest (I hope to have guests), and a pouf of some sort to put my feet up when reading. Also need the hubby to change out my light fixture, plugs and switch (Does anyone know an Electrician? I can't seem to find one......)

So there you have it. My Office. Library. Craft Room aka. Creative Space.
And Peter's Closet. Poor Hubby.
And just for fun, I thought I'd show you all a 'before picture'. WOW right? Can you see why this room was always skipped during the house tours?
Now you can all be impressed :)

Let me know what you think!

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