Monday, March 7, 2011

.diary of bella: The Introduction.

"Hello Everyone!

It's me, the Wonder Dog of the Treb household. My name is Bella, and I am single, female, and a Beautiful ginger-haired Golden Retriever (not to be touched by Mr. Firth! Mom made me add that part. Guess he really likes Ginger's).

I like long walks with mommy and daddy, swimming in the lake (my absolute favorite), and chasing after Dunlop's (that's a tennis ball in case you where wondering).

I also really like to chew my little stuffed animals, especially my hamster or green elephant from my Auntie Kelsey. I think they are supposed to be for a small puppy because they are so tiny, but they fit in my mouth perfectly. I even chewed off Mr. Elephant's ear. See. I like her. I also like my Auntie Kelsey. She spoils me.
My best friend lives next door, and she's named Luna. She's has black hair and is so pretty. We love to play wrestle, and sometimes she steals my toys. But sometimes I pee in her backyard (that's when I'm bad). I love Luna.
I love to take long naps, and snuggle with mommy, especially in the mornings or when Daddy is working nights. Then I get to sleep on her bed all night. And she sneaks me food sometimes.
My Daddy is the best at throwing my balls and playing fetch. He doesn't give me food though. I wish he would.
My favorite time is meal time. I just love to eat, and eat, and eat. I also love cucumbers, and peanut butter. I hate olives (I tried one after it fell on the floor and yucky!). I also love nap time.
Mommy kisses me a lot. And daddy sneaks in kisses when he thinks mommy isn't looking. I think she knows though.
Sometimes, we get to go to Grandpa Wayne's farm. It's sooo much fun, but then I smell after. Mommy hates that. I used to be scared of grandpa's horses, but I'm getting braver and go a little closer. At least to give them a little sniff. I don't think they like me.

Well, I'm off to see what everyone else is doing, and give those puppy dog eyes to mommy because she's about to have dinner. It usually works ;)

Love, Bella."

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