Tuesday, March 8, 2011

.I enjoy Etsy.

How does this happen? 
I go on the computer to check 1 or 2 quick things, and I end up on Etsy, shopping.
For 2 hours.
And it always happens.
So while I'm at it, I might as well share with you all my newest spring-ish wish-list:

1) This color is killing me. I am so loving it and I know I could find so many items to wear it with.
Find it here.
2) These Earrings. LOVE. Find them here.
3) Aren't these the cutest? I want them. Here.
4) Need this calendar for the office. Comes in all different colors. Get it Here.
5) Umm, actually might need this one as well. How cute is this?? Seriously, so cool. Here.
6) Still Winter, so may need this. Here.
7) For Bella. So true. Here.
8) I could work this. Here.
9) Classic Clovers. Here.
10) The rosette necklace. I don't know if I could rock this, but I certainly would try. Here.
 I also may try to make this.....Stay tuned. I feel a craft coming on.


  1. love the yellow and pearl necklace! fun.

  2. Andrea - You're so crafty you could probably make this...and it would look even nicer! Craft session date???


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