Sunday, March 6, 2011


So Friday night was date night for this gal and her handsome hubby.
I've been so busy with that little reno project of mine, and with Peter working soooo much overtime the last week (leaving his poor wife all by her lonesome....Sorry, Mini pout session for me.) that we decided to make it a fancy night out. 
Just the 2 of us. 
As mentioned in an earlier post, we're total foodies and we think there's nothing better than a delicious night out with some very yummy food. 
So we decided on an old tried and true, one that's been serving romantic dinners for couples in Edmonton for about 1000 years (okay, maybe a little of an exaggeration).
The only thing was that we had never been there before. We had never been one of those couples!
So we changed that.
Off to Von's Seafood and Steakhouse it was.
And it was just so delicious.
We started out with some Mussels.
And WOW.
These may have been the best mussels we've ever had.
They came in this amazing sauce. Gorgonzola Dijon Cream. It was a 'I'd like to die with this sauce' type of sauce. People think that right? They'd like to die with sauce. Or is it just me?
For our main courses, I ordered the Steak Oscar. Which for me is incredibly strange, as I don't usually get red meat. Must have been the seafood topping that sold me. And I also ordered the sauteed mushrooms to 'share'. But didn't really share.
Peter ordered the special (again) and it was Mahi Mahi (again) with Pineapple Salsa. And it was delicious (again). I always have menu regret when Peter gets his meal. Although mine was so good and cooked perfectly, I just seem to always want something I can't have. Such a woman.
We shared kisses and compliments and spoke about our future.
It was a beautiful night.
Love you Husband of Mine.
Note: You may have noticed that Pete is MIA in my pictures...he hates me taking them, but I'm working on patient my friends. Be patient.


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