Monday, July 4, 2011

.Burger Filled Weekend.

Holy Moly, I ate a LOT of burgers this weekend. 
Like. A. Ridonkulus. Amount.
For Canada Day, we {the hubby, some friends and I} watched the Firework show perched high up in our friends new apartment. We actually got to see not only 1, but all 5 {yes, 5} shows! 
So that was pretty neat.
And we ate Maple Burgers. Yummy maple burgers.
Then on Saturday we had a small BBQ at our place with some family. It was nice, and I was finally forced to clean my house {I'm always so good at cleaning right before we have company over}. 
And we ate Spicy Turkey Burgers. Delicious turkey burgers.
Sunday we headed over to Emily Murphy Park for a surprise birthday BBQ celebration. It was this lovely fellas 30+ {we're not really talking about his 'real' age 'cause he's getting sooo old} and it was such a beautiful day. The husband and I also wore matching outfits. We're cute like that.
We had two kinds of cake. And yes, we ate Beef Burgers. 
My Friends. It's official. 
BBQ Season Has Finally Begun!
Now, go get your Grill on!

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