Tuesday, July 19, 2011

.Plate of Goodness.

So in all my efforts to feel healthier and get fit this summer {ok, so it's been a late start, but still...} I came across this super cool awesome plate that I seriously am considering buying.
And I would use it. Then My little chicklets could use it when they get bigger.
I found it here and I just think it's oodles and oodles of cuteness.
I found this plate appropriate because 1/2 the battle with getting fit and healthy {the other 1/2 is working out} is the food, and knowing your portions. 
Knowing how to load up your plate at mealtime. 
I know I certainly struggle with this so much when Husband brews up a delicious meal and having zero self-control, I often forget this simple and effective eating habit. 
So I need this plate. And then I think my little kids will can learn healthy eating habits from this plate. And it's just so darn cute. This Plate.
Healthy Eating Breakdown:
  • 1/2 of your plate should be veggies. I like to steam mine slightly {I got a steamer for Christmas one year and it's still one of my fav gifts! If you don't have one, I suggest picking one up}, and drizzle a little olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and pepper over it. Broccoli is a favorite, but sometimes we switch things up with carrots, cauliflower, or red/green peppers {FYI: I roast the peppers, not steam them}. The trick is to try and make your veggies selection as colorful as possible! Pretty and Nutritious! 
  • 1/4 of your plate should be lean protein. Things like fish {white is best}, chicken, turkey {which is also a huge fav at the Trebaczkiewicz's household right now}, or eggs.
  • 1/4 of your plate should be healthy whole grains. Things like barley, brown or wild rice, quinoa, mutligrain toast or Oats. Now, sometimes it gets hard to think of creative ways to fill this side of the plate with something other than rice, but seriously try to get creative. If we are craving a pasta dish, then we reach for brown rice pasta {it's super good and easy to find in any grocery store. Tip: After cooking B.R. pasta as you would normal pasta, and then straining it, give it an extra rinse to get ride of the starchy taste. Trust me it helps}. If we are craving a casserole type of bake, we will cook a barley with chopped mushrooms in it {I have an amazing recipe I will post later on for you}. If we want to try something a little lighter, we brew up some quinoa and throw in some fresh ingredients which usually create a grain salad!
  • Remember that a tiny bit of Fat is ok. Not the dessert kind of fat, but the oils, butters, and sauces that your foods are prepared with. Also nuts, avocados, fish, and even peanut butter come with good fats. Just eat them in moderation....or as the plate shows, one little dabble!!
  • For snack time, try fresh veggies instead of chips. Dip them into some delish hummus instead of fatty ranch dressing {this one I'm bad for...I like my ranch} but it actually tastes really, really good! A nice alternative. Try hummus with cucumber, carrots, peppers, tomatoes or celery {the cucumber + hummus is my personal favorite}.
Do you have any suggestions for a delicious and healthy snack?

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