Friday, July 29, 2011

.July Favorites.

New Idea alert! 
Thanks to you, my awesome friends, for your wonderful suggestions, I have myself a new little feature.
Let me explain: After I did my make-up must-haves post, it was suggested that I do a monthly 'Favorites' list, which is basically me blogging about things that I'm loving right then, during each month, and not just relating to make-up.
 So after some serious consideration as to if you would all give a flying poo, I thought what the heck! This is my blog, and it's a fun new idea, so I'm going for it. I then got really original and will be titling these segments '{that Month's} Favorites' {i know, where did i come up with such a brilliant name, right?}
July Favorites
{with my charming little video down below}

*MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot {the most perfect highlighter}
*Bioderma Sensibio H2O Face wash {apparently the #1 face wash in france. i can see why}
*Shoppers Drug Mart Brand Luxury Cotton Pads {so good! doesn't pill ball or fall apart}
*Live Clean Argan Oil Shampoo + Conditioner
*Acitivia Yogurt drink by Danone {i'm not even a fan of 'yop' but this drink I cannot get enough of! so good!}
*Essie nail polish in turks & cacaos {perfect summer toes!}
*Moroccan Oil {my hair has never looked or felt better!}
*MAC Lustreglass in Luminary
*AppleTV {ah-freakin-mazing! It has changed our life}
*Biotherm Aquasource Face cream
*True Blood {sookie you are too lucky to be stalked by eric. he is duhhreammmy}
*Burt's Bees Lip shimmers {loving the 'peony' & 'champagne' shades}

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