Monday, July 18, 2011

.Music Monday.

My buddy, Andrea, gets all the cred on this music monday pick.
I am just so happy that she sent it to me. Thank you Woman.
This song is:
100% pure happiness. 100% awesome. 100% totally rad. 100% oozing with coolness.
I love it so much in fact, that it surpassed my original pick for this week. Seriously, it is that good.
It makes me bop my head back and forth, till I get a headache. Actually, {*disclaimer} don't listen to this song if you fear this. Your head will bop. Non.Stop. And you may get a Headache.
The music video is utterly genius as well. The aerobics dance scene kills me {I MUST learn that dance}, and I now have a serious crush on the lead singer. That hair, those dimples, the smile, the moves. It's all really too much for me.

Take a gander {but he's mine.....}
Band: Walk the Moon 
Song: "Anna Sun"

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