Wednesday, July 20, 2011

.Hip Hoppity Hiding.

This little brat thought she would cash in on some free rent!!
But isn't she cute? She's so small and tiny.
Let me explain before everyone thinks I lost my marbles and got a rabbit for a pet {although that is a pretty cute idea....hmmm.....}. So, I was pulling some weeds from my garden/flower border in my backyard last night, and this is who I found. She was snuggled up in between my yellow and red yarrow plants, and looks pretty darn cozy. She barely blinked up at me. With her little attitude, and floppy ears. 
I think it's a girl. And I named her Pinecone. 
Husband says I have to scare her away because she will eat my plants and poop in my flowers. He also said they bang like, well, rabbits and that I can't keep her. 
Even after I used my honey pretty please face, he still said no. And that he is now going to put up a wire fence so that Miss Pinecone can't cash in on that free rent anymore. 
Poor Pinecone's going to have to find new roommates.

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