Thursday, July 28, 2011

.Klondike Days {part three}.

Yes, I said Klondike Days. Not Capital Ex. There's just something so great about the name Klondike Days and all the child-hood memories it conjures up for me. Cotton Candy. Mini-Donuts. Ferris Wheels. Cheap Stuffed Animals. Crazy Carni-Workers. Old-fashioned Root Beer Barrels. Candied Apples. Corn Dogs.
And we did it all. Minus the Ferris Wheel. We think we're too cool for that now {but really, we just didn't want to get in the mile-long line-up for the rides}.
We did it in the name of Love. 
Our Part three of our Anniversary Weekend.
Mini-Donuts & Old-Fashioned Root Beer.
Husband winning some moolah! He laughed when I cheered out-loud.
Classic Corn Dogs with Mustard.
A new personal favorite carni-game, "Flip-a-Chick"!! Brilliant! You flip a rubber chicken into a big pot. Who thinks of these things?!? A genius, I tell ya.
And then Husband cooked me Curry Crab Legs for dinner {with my favorite Bocconcini + Tomato + Cucumber Salad}. Oh Yum.
We also toasted with a Bottle of Wine that we had been given at our Wedding and that we have saved all this time. {thanks to Jenny C. + Patsy B. for that!}
And Thanks to my Husband for being my Lover.

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