Wednesday, July 27, 2011

.Normand's Dinner {part two}.

Even though our Anniversary camping trip was a bunch of fun, our lumpy air mattress and our filthy bodies were enough to have us dreaming of plush sheets & a clean shower. And to be honest, we didn't really want to spend our entire weekend cooking over {and smelling like} smoky wood logs, so we decided that a fancy dinner out was also necessary. Especially on our actual Anniversary day {aka. the 24th}. So that's what we did; Packed up the Nissan and started our way back.
We finished Tina Fey's Bossy Pants audio-book {yes, you read that right, we listened to an audio-book on our way. We're so cool} just before we arrived home. Thank heavens for running water, and a washing machine.
I'm real outdoorsy that way.
Then, after soaping up and making ourselves look all spiffy, we went in search of a fancy-smancy restaurant.
Now, you would think this would be pretty easy feat for food lovers like us. But all the new hip restaurants that we keep meaning to try where closed {ack. Case of the Restaurant Sundays} and since we didn't really have a game plan in mind till about 7:00 pm, we grabbed a seat at one of our good ol' tried-and-true restaurants, Normand's Fine Regional Cuisine.
And it's a home-run every time.
The setting inside the restaurant is dark and romantic. Perfect for Lovers. The food was out of this world good {we seriously have never had a bad meal here} and our waiter was very friendly.
We ordered a bottle of Malbec, and were served our comp. bread with sun-dried tomato butter {which, by-the-way is something that I keep meaning to do: Flavor my butter}
For our appetizer, we ordered the Shrimp and Scallops in a Pernod Cream Sauce. Which was delish. I would definitely order that again, however I do regret attacking the plate so quickly because we forgot to snap a pic. Sorry. 
Peter ordered the Lac Brome Roast Duck {served with a sun-dried cranberry, orange, port wine sauce, and scalloped potatoes + roast veg}. This picture really doesn't do it justice.
 While I ordered the Free Range Breaded Chicken a la Rousse {stuffed with smoked salmon and cream cheese, served with a white wine shallot dill cream sauce and scalloped potatoes + roast veg}. 
OMG. Both were incredible.
First of all, that duck had a breast and a leg! So much food! And my chicken was mouthwatering!
I would so order both of these again. {Like maybe tonight. If Husband will allow me.}
We where both happy and full to the brim, so we decided to take a little walk to stretch out our protruding bellies. Husband also did a fashion shoot on me. ha. It was funny and embarrassing.
Edmonton's River Valley is really a Beautiful thing.
Love you Mister.

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