Tuesday, July 26, 2011

.Smore Love {part one}.

This past weekend, as I mentioned, was husband and I's First Anniversary {holy crapola, one year already......where does the time go? I guess right along with the 8 years before that, but who's counting right?!?}
SIDE NOTE: We had an event filled week, but this post was our first activity and Part 1 of our Anniversary Weekend of Lurrrve {we also went out to Normands, Capital Ex, and ate Crab legs at home...but more to come with all of that}**
And since we have a little Honeymoon {yes, we know it's one year late} coming up in August when the dates fit better for our schedules, we decided that we still needed something cute and romantic to fit the bill for our actual Anniversary.
So we took a little staycation camping trip at a nearby lake . Rock Lake {on Hay River} to be exact.
[Staycation: (n)- what results when your vacation hopes and dreams doesn't match your vacation budget.] Thanks Urban Dictionary. 
Our reason for this was simple however, we just wanted to stay close to home {2.5 hrs wasn't too bad}, have just the 2 of us {ok, miss Bella may have crashed our party too}, put a check on my summer to-do list {camping}, be all romantic {and alone in the wild}, and save a little for our actual upcoming {honeymoon} vacation.
And Besides, Husband and I had never done this sort of thing, with just the two of us.
[Vacation: (n)- a period of time in which an adult pretends that he/she is a child again and has no responsibilities to tend to, spends money like the world is ending, and relaxes. Also another term for having sex in an exotic place.] Again, thanks Urban Dictionary.
We roasted marshmallows, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Played music, read books, and took walks. Played in the river with our girl. Made 1/2 s'mores, best campfire eggs {ever}, and danced. Didn't get changed out of top knots, hoodies, or leggings.
So here is a glimpse at our special anniversary trip.
Thanks Husband, for a Wonderful Time. 

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