Thursday, February 3, 2011

.Blogging tools...Needed!

Yes. It is true what they say about blogging. It truly is addicting. I've got it. The Blogging Bug. Seriously! Want to know what I've been literally up to the last couple hours?!? Yep, I've spent it googling random blogs (yes, anything will do that grabs my attention) for ideas on posts, layouts, designs, and well, just about anything that will make these first few rounds easier and help me 'look cool'.
I've also come to the conclusion that I should probably learn the how to post an actual blog with pictures, and make them look pretty. Learning that you shouldn't "follow" yourself (yes, I am still figuring out how to delete myself off my own following), and perhaps that the links on the side do more than piss me off. And so here we are, the real reason for this post. I need the Tools for blogging. And there's really only 1 tool that I must and need to purchase (hear that Peter.....only one thing to spend some money on (albeit it's an expensive one). I need this tool. It's one of the only things that keeps me coming back to sites for more....ready for it. You must posses a Camera. And not just any camera, but a a good, solid, make-your-pictures-pretty kind of camera. And maybe some lessons. Yes, I will certainly need those. So stay tuned, I sense a new SLR coming my way.
Happy Snapping.
Cannot wait. xx

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