Thursday, February 10, 2011

.New Project.

Hiya pals. So it's Thursday. And I really, really like Thursdays. Thursday's mean that there's only 1 day till Friday and we all know how great Fridays are. So yes, I really love Thursdays. This Thursday isn't really anything special (besides the fact that I just clarified), but I do have a HUGE project that I'm currently undertaking and this Thursday I am going to plan out my attack. And with a tight budget (not my favorite), I need all the planning I can get. So want to know what's my newest project?
A Creative Space.
And not just an Office. but a Craft room. A Library. And a Dressing room (of sorts). A space just for me. Not too much to ask for a itty-bitty room, right?

But, Ohh how I am in desperate need of a this new room. First of all, I absolutely love crafting, but with crafting comes a mess, and I certainly have that. You should see all the stuff I have. It's everywhere. In random boxes, bins, on the floor, in baskets, closets, EVERYWHERE! I also need an Office. For actual work (and some play). I just want the Library (reading a book in a big chair is a little bit of heaven). And the Dressing room, well read on....
So I have told the hubby that I am taking over the current home office/library (poor fella, it's also where his closet is located, as I have already taken over our closet in the bedroom too). My new space will still function as a working office for the days when I am at home (and actually working), but now there will be an element of happiness'll be a creative space. All mine. Enter if you dare, but you may be put to work (and I mean crafting work). Where do I begin to design this room on a limited budget?
I begin to make my list (god, I LOVE lists).
Items needed:
* 'L' shaped desk (leaning towards white and long/skinny)
*New paint on the walls (Going for a light grey)
*2 Office chairs (again, leaning towards white and sleek)
*Big comfy armchair/rocking chair (reading space)
*Side table with lamp (check: See picture below)
*New Bookcases (2 of them would do - I think)
*Inspirational pictures
*New Curtains (Colors? Patterns?)
*Storage (lots and lots of Storage-MUST)

So I guess I have some work ahead of me.......and Thursday has begun. :)
More white. LOVE!
Ohh, the storage and fun energy this room has!

Inspirational Words. Live by them.

My Room. My Inspiration. THIS IS IT!

LOVE this. So much.

LOVE this idea. Might not do it right on the walls, but definately feel a craft coming on! Picture frames??

Ohh the Organized Storage!


  1. IKEA! IKE!A IKEA! haha ill keep my eyes open for you on any good deals and such. great idea though! cant wait to see it.

  2. Thanks Honey! I appreciate all the eyes I can get! IKEA will be a stop for sure. I need to lighten up my dark little home, so this is a start! Love you.


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