Thursday, February 3, 2011

.Where do I begin?

So I was sitting here thinking about how to start this blog. I so very much want it to be interesting, funny, original, a little pretty, definitely creative and maybe a little educational all at the same time. But talk about pressure. I mean, all this in one itty-bitty blog posting. So, I went to my closest resource. I asked the Husband. The answer I got was something like this: "So is this what women do now that they're married? Blog about 'stuff''?". Umm No, and thanks for the input. So after having a little pout that he just wasn't on-board with me creatively (and don't get me started on the whole "what women do now" comment), I came to realize that it's sort of just that. Blogging about (as he so nicely put it) 'Stuff'. I need to remind myself that there is no right or wrong, it's just me. And that's where I will begin.

My Beautiful Bouquet - By La Piazza Daisee

I figured there's no better way to start than to blog about the biggest party I probably will ever throw. My wedding. Now for most of my friends and family, they know what I went through and have seen all the pictures, but for the rest of you. Enjoy. Because I know we did!

St. Albert Catholic Church

My Aunt Valerie, who helped me tremendously, assisted me with all our centerpieces. 
We did 3 types: Short, Medium, and Tall.

Our Reception Venue - L'Uni Theatre
(fortunately for us, I think we'll be the last wedding in this amazing venue as it's only open for plays, etc. now.....such a shame, it was just Magical!)

Great group shot of our Uber Cool Wedding Party!
Kiss, Kiss. Bride + Groom. 
All Photos by Andrea Hanki of PinkSugar Photography
(in my opinion one of the Most Fabulous Ladies around. Love Her!)

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