Tuesday, February 15, 2011

.Sweet Pea.

So I have some very exciting news to share with everyone.
As of tomorrow, I am going to be called Auntie Erinn to a very sweet little miss!
Our friends Nicole & Cory are about to welcome their daughter into this world, after stubbornly taking an extra week nesting in her mommy's tummy.
I so already love this about her.
She's going to be stunningly beautiful (after her momma),
 and one of the kindest people on this earth (like her poppa).
She'll most likely have very dark hair, but maybe surprise us all with a head of red.
She'll be a happy girl, who likes to laugh and giggle. And very girly.
She'll also be goofy like her poppa, and love to dance.
When she smiles, her dimples will show. She'll love hot dogs and the color pink.
And I cannot wait to meet her.

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