Monday, February 14, 2011

.Love Nest. For Two.

Ohh sweet day of love.
Filled with hues of Red and Pink. Chocolate and Flowers. Kisses and Cuddles.
I hope you found yourself having a lovely day, whatever you did.
As for me and the Husband?
Well this year we decided to stay in for V-day. It was our first one as Husband and Wife, and I have to say. It was the best one yet. 
With a little effort, and a lotta love. It was close to perfect.
Peter surprised me with a full 4 course gourmet meal (and listen to this line-up: 1. prosciutto-wrapped scallops with honey mustard glaze + jalapeno yogurt dipping sauce; 2. sweet chili tiger prawns with a wasabi-mayo; 3. crab cakes with a pepper yogurt sauce; 4. sundried tomato + goat cheese heart shaped ravioli.  And they were ALL home made. I know right. UNBELIEVABLE!), we had to save the 'raw'dessert that I made for tomorrow (too full), but we did have chocolate dipped strawberries, a little wine, camped out in our living room, gave each other massages, played with Peter's new toy (a Macbook Air...Geez, aren't I a great wifey?) and watched movies pretty much all night. A chilled and romantic night with the man I adore.
My treats. Got so excited I forgot to take a pic of the crab cakes....sorry.
I enjoyed every minute of our 'love nest' and I think the husband enjoyed the effort I put into it, Amongst with other things, but we'll keep this PG......
Needless to say, I'm already excited for next year.
Love you Mister P.
Our little couch love nest.
Today I am so thankful for finding my heart. You, husband of mine, are pretty damn awesome.

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