Tuesday, February 22, 2011

.Long Weekend.

Miss Isla. xo
I just had the most relaxing and marvelous long weekend. 
Which included, but was not limited to:
Watching my little superstar Hubby play some hockey.
Sleeping in till 10 am.
 A glance at the grey paint I bought for my 'Creative Space' (but that can wait till another day). 
Dinner with the Birthday Girl and Friends at Sabor Divino.
A Sunday FULL of sleep (and the hangover...that wasn't so fun).
Eating some late night nachoes.
Enjoying some friends over at our house for some wine and watching wedding speeches. AGAIN.
Ignoring pretty much all of my housework until right now (my house is seriously SOOOO messy).
Shopping spree for Hubby, who desperately needed new shoes (he got 3 pairs).
Seeing my new little niece, Isla Mackenzie, and snuggling her to bits.
Dinner at the In-Laws, and enjoying the most delish dinner. Thank you Chef Zofia!
Baking some No-Knead Bread (recipe to come)
Being sent back to reality (wait - that wasn't till this morning)
Prepping for the day ahead of me.
Being Today.  
Isla's new toy from Auntie Erinn.

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