Friday, February 11, 2011

.It's Friday Kids.

Hey Ho! It's Friday and boy I am happy that you're here.
This week had been one-of-those weeks. For example (please let me vent for just one sec): This morning, after putting on my favorite, flowy, bohemian, and perfectly creamy white silk top to go with my dark indigo skinny-ish jeans (I would call this my not-trying-to-hard causal Friday attire), I was happy and ready for the day. Put on some cute kitten heeled pumps and was out the door.
Didn't get very far however....leaning into my car with a bunch of folders and my laptop, I feel a little poke on my stomach. Weird. But into the car I get. After pulling away, I start to think about what 'stabbed' me, so I look down and discover the largest and brightest blue pen streak across my favorite shirt.
And it won't come out.
Ughh. I have to be the world's biggest klutz.
So, on a more happier note. It is Friday and it's Date Night.
The husband and I are heading out to one of our favorite restaurants, the Manor (side note: this is the same restaurant that Pete took me to the night he proposed, so it's pretty darn special) to enjoy some great food, and some even better conversation. Can't wait. xx 
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Also, I think I want to try out something. And actually try to keep it up (although I am doing pretty darn good at keeping up with this blog-of-sorts). A "thankful for" everyday. Here goes:
Today I am thankful for the red-headed animal in my life. She keeps me warm + loves me when the Husbands working nights. xx

Please feel free to share your "I'm thankful for" as well.

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