Sunday, February 6, 2011

.Super Bowl Sunday.

Happy Sunday Friends! Or should I say Happy 'Super Bowl' Sunday Friends!
I wish I had some intelligent post for you followed with my educated opinion on who's going to win the game, the stats of each quarterback, or anything relevant to todays HUGE event. But sadly I don't. I simply know nothing about football. So today usually turns to out to be a Giant bucket of chicken wings, beer and clamato, Ceasars, and cheering for the Underdog (always). Pretty darn good Sunday (or any day for that matter), but I always wish I could participate more. That's what got me thinking - Maybe I do know something that would make today a little more fun. Throwing a good ol' fashioned party.Yes, that's something I do know a thing or two about, and well, what better time than to post this lovely party idea. Maybe next year folks.....

Check out this Great Idea for a Ceasar Bar (shown here for a Bloody Mary bar, but you get the idea).

Building your Own Ceasar Bar!

Some Delicious Garnish Ideas: Pickled Asparagus (Yummy!), Pickles, Pepperoni Sticks, Limes, Lemons, Pickled Green Beans (My Favorite), Celery, Olives, and Pepperocinis. 

Love this Idea: Drink Tag and mini Tabasco Bottles tied around the rim! Cute!

Adventurous Idea: Use those new flavored Vodka's such as Tomato Vodka for your liquor of choice!

You can buy this Bloody Mary kit from for only $3.00!

A Few Great Food Ideas:
-Homemade Salted Pretzels (Recipe in previous posts)
-Veggies + Dips (think healthy: Try different Flavored Hummus - Roasted red peppers, Carmelized onions, Olive, Garlic, etc.)
-Coca Cola Chicken Wings (See recipe in previous posts)
-Popcorn (see varying flavors in previous posts)
-Chili (and don't forget some homemade warm buns!)
-Pulled Pork Sandwichs
-Loaded Nachoes

And here's a Fabulous Idea for a Super Bowl Party! May be for the slightly younger crowd, but you can always tweak it to attract the Super Bowl Fanatics.

"We want to take  TIME OUT to thank you for coming"

Always an easy way to add that something extra: Cool napkins rings!

Cute Field Cupcakes!

For more of this cute party check out:
Hope your Super Bowl Sunday is fabulous whatever way your spending it.

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