Thursday, February 17, 2011

.Right now, I am.....

:: pondering what it would be like to live in a warmer climate. Where you don't have to put on 15 layers before taking the dog for a walk.
:: marveling how this February is flying by in such a blur, embracing that, and riding the wave right on into March.
:: revisiting memories of family and friends, and enjoying every minute spent in my head.
:: plotting our spring garden, all while sitting by the fire wearing three layers of wool and sipping warm tea.
:: finishing winter organization of our house. Once spring comes, it's only outdoor projects for this girl.
:: stopping myself from re-painting our entire house different shades of white or grey.
:: wondering if there really is anything better than a meal cooked by my mother-in-law.
:: learning how to work my new mac. and camera (coming soon). 
:: listening to the new kings of leon album and love, love, loving it.
:: following my intuition with my career. Lets hope it pays off.
:: missing my family. Mother's in Turks & Caicos, and Father's in Amsterdam. 
:: loving my husband. And my outfit a little today.
:: hoping that everyone has a little bit of that kind of good love in their lives.
:: wanting to get out my beautiful spring/summer heels and actually wear them.
:: thinking it would be nice if I didn't have to go to the gym tonight.
:: reminding myself that some gym time today might be a better option for that summer bod that I keep whining about.
:: making fish (cod with horseradish cream sauce) with wild whole grain rice for dinner tonight. Yay to being healthy and interesting.
:: planning on eating a bunch of pickles for a snack before that.
:: wishing you a lovely thursday and a beautiful start to your almost-here long weekend!  

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