Saturday, February 12, 2011

.Bucket list - 2011

Even though we're a month and a 1/2 into 2011, I figured I'd put together my 2011 bucket list. Better late then never right.....

Bucket List of Awesome Things That I'll Actually Want To Accomplish In 2011.
* Take a real live {most likely exotic} vacation with husband (a belated honeymoon)
* Develop my photography, and learn to take a great picture (ie. Andrea style)
*Keep my house clean (for the most part) everyday
    *Finishing at least one book with my husband. Together.
    *Make our bed daily
    *Have one sit down meal a week (at the actual dinner table, maybe with some candles)
    *Actually finish projects on our house (deck, yard, concrete & painting are all on the list this year)
*Grow a gorgeous garden
*Try to have an amazing monthly date night with the husband. And document all of them.
*Keep up with my blog daily (if possible)
*Cook more at home. Make more breads.
*Learn to Sew. Anything.
*Learn to Knit. Anything.
* Be physically active every single day (and recording the fun ones) . Either a gym visit, long walk with the dog, yoga classes, swimming, bicycling around the river valley. In fact, just trying outdoor activities for a change!
*Learn photography. Take loads of pictures.
*Celebrate Valentines Day + Anniversary + Our Birthdays. For reals this time.
*Become a Style maiden. Try to step outside of my grey + black + white bubble.
*Become a working powerhouse (a reminder to work hard and great things will come of it)

Perfect. Now let's get started.
Love this too!! Plan a monthly 2011 Resolution (might then actually accomplish them!)
Ohh, and Today I'm grateful for amazing friends having us over for dinner and the best conversations that are sure to follow. xx
(bucket list - check. Now off to make some bread....bucket list - Check)

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