Friday, February 4, 2011

.Loveliest idea.

So today I feel the need to share one of the best, and most creative ideas I've ever heard of. It's part of a personal project from a friend of mine (we might even be best friends in my mind - she just doesn't know it) and I can't help swoon over each and every photo this fabulous gal takes. You can vary this idea even if you don't have children, or save it for future use (like I am). So here's the idea:
1) Choose a loved one (child, animal, hubby, parent, grandparent, even your entire family)
2) Photograph that loved one each and every day (sound like A LOT of work? Well, tweak it - Do this weekly, or even monthly) for the entire year.
3) Enter the Time and Date of the photo.
4) Add a Caption of activity or feeling being portrayed.
5) Post for all to enjoy!

Party Time

Seriously right! What a cool idea to share with your family and loved ones. I mean, I've only met little Miss Lila once, and I check the following blog every single day . In fact, I look forward to it. It's incredible, and what a beautiful keepsake for her when she grows up. Brilliant Andrea, you keep me coming back for more.
You can also check out more from this creative momma at

.all bundled up.

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