Monday, February 7, 2011


Plain and simple, I enjoy a good day of retail therapy. But lately it's been satisfied by sitting on my couch, and browsing the web. My gosh there are some wonderful things out there that can ship right to your front door! Can you believe this? You don't have to get all bundled up, drive on our ice packed roads, or brave the crowds at the malls! What a new Wonderful World we live in! Now, I'm sure your thinking "Welcome to the World Erinn" as my 'new' way of shopping isn't so new anymore (or at least since the inception of the Internet!), but my question is this: Why didn't someone show me this before?
Ohh, I know why. Because you know me. Because it's certainly easier to spend all our money on things that I probably don't really need by the click of a button. Click, click, click. It's so easy, but seriously, it feels so good.
Some new Favorites on my 'Hit-List' (notice the huge home decor kick I'm on right now):
1) CB2
I must get this clear console table to go behind my sectional. I would need 2 of them to stretch the length of the sofa, but it would look perfect!

I absolutely MUST get this old-school Abacus Wall art! Would bring that little bit of color in my TV room that it needs!

The hanging Pendent lights would look really cool above our Island in the Kitchen. Yes, please!

 Since I'm re-doing our Home Office, I think this Bamboo dry erase board would be pretty cool. I'm also am loving these clear desk accessories. 

I love the Curved Lamp in the top left picture. Must have this for our TV room. And I'm loving this large twin chair. Something so warm and cozy about it, but with clean crisp lines. I could curl up and read a good book in this chair. BONUS: It turns into a twin sofa bed!

Beautiful "Words of Wisdom" Picture. Inspiring, and Gorgeous.

Loving this Grey + Mustard Yellow Combo. I'm doing mustard in our TV room, so this would fit in nicely.

A homage to one of my Best Friends who is British.....Would look lovely in my new office.
So true. Very inspiring. Another hit for my office.

3) Melanie Auld Designs
Such classic beauties. I ordered my wedding earrings through this talented lady, and loved the quality of them so much! I'd recommend over and over again. I think these would be a nice addition to my collection.

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  1. online shopping is so awesome. and so much trouble. haha. and cb2 totally rocks. we have the clear acrylic nesting tables and the pendant light so obviously i think you have good taste ;) i'll warn you though, their canadian shipping options really suck...


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