Friday, February 11, 2011

.Friday. Date night.

An excited Wife.
So it's date night. And damn it, we're so lucky.
Lucky to have each other to do this with. Seriously. It's so easy to forget how important you are to each other during the normal day-to-day routines, and then a night like tonight comes around, and Whoa!
I love this man way to much and boy, he loves me too.
Now let me explain all my mushiness. We discovered a few things about ourselves on this date night.
First, amazing things happen to your relationship (hello! refresh!) when you take the time to go out and treat your date like it's one of your first.
Questions like, "What's your best date night idea that you would like us to do?" or "What's one thing that you don't already know about me, but you would like to know?"
or "If you could take me anywhere in the world, where would we go and what would we do?"
It honestly felt like a first date. And ended up triggering some mega laughs.

Second, we learned that we are major foodie snobs (opps, cat's out of the bag). Sorry we are.
**But, I should clarify for all our friends out there who may now be scared to cook us dinner - this only applies to restaurants (please, don't stop inviting us over. please. we sort of really like you).**
Anyway's, we've been known to only go to new restaurants (except when you find an absolute home-runner, like tonight), and they MUST be small, non-franchised, and have local inspired dishes. In fact this is one of those times when 'smaller IS better'. Then we order the weirdest thing off the menu (actually this is would be the Husband, the more adventurist one of our duo), and we always, always order an appetizer (even if we're not that hungry) just to try and re-create it at home (because we can 'always' make it better).
And just to prove my point, tonight we ordered two.
Then took my meal home for the husband to spice it up some more.
See what I mean. Food snobs.
Appetizer 1: Tuna Carpaccio with a Mango Salsa... Yum.
Third, we learned that we actually enjoy each others company. A lot.
I sometimes wonder who else would have the patience to deal with either one of us, especially because we're both so shy about voicing our opinions or feelings, and both so quiet.
Insert roll of the eyes here.
But we continually make each other laugh, are honest and thoughtful with each other,
we try new things together (gotta keep that spark alive), and love each other unconditionally.
Guess our compatibility is what keeps us coming back for more. xx
Ohh and it helps that I may have just learned to lap dance.

So, yes.
We had a jolly good time. Just us two besties.
The Manor. Super cute right! xx


  1. ive been wanting to go there for awhile now! im happy to know you enjoyed it! theres also i place right around the corner from there called the urban diner. it has a GREAT sunday brunch! you should try it sometime! closest to flavours brunch ive ever experienced!

  2. Weronika. Totally LOVE urban diner! I go atleast every 2 weeks. Sounds like a double date in our future?!?

  3. OH!!!! Yes please!! now that were on the topic.. have you ever been to Jeffery's?


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